Meredith Thompson

I'm passionate about design that enacts positive change.
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About Me

What's my story?

Here's everything you need to know

Once upon a time...

There was a graphic designer who was passionate about creating, communicating, and visualizing solutions for problems—especially ones that benefit the greater good.

Why I design

I have created and curated at every opportunity for my entire life. I have a deep compulsion to solve problems, optimize systems, and devise the best means of clearly articulating and communicating my solutions to others. I turned this passion into a career in design.

What I do best

As a designer I have a strong set of core skills (typography, UX/UI, editorial, web design, etc), but I specialize in synthesizing, communicating, and visualizing complex information so it can be easily understood. I enjoy collaboration and work well with diverse and/or interdisciplinary groups.

What I love

Though making beautiful things plays a part in what I do, aesthetic value alone does not feed my soul. I am interested in the social and economic systems that frame ethical issues, and I love using my skills to explore, understand, solve, make and share: especially to do good.

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